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Polish language teacher

Polish language teacher

We offer Polish language courses for foreigners, at all levels of proficiency. More than 10 years' teaching experience enables us to work efficiently with people from all around the world who speak languages from many different linguistic families. As owners of our own business and exclusively focused on Polish language teaching, we put an emphasis on the quality of the lessons and the materials we prepare, as well as on ensuring that our students feel comfortable. We offer individual courses and group courses, at the client's home or work place. We also teach on-line.

Why choose us?

⇨ You will gain time – we drive to your home or work place (in the Warsaw area).

⇨ We guarantee that you will speak Polish – thanks to our proven method, you will start speaking from the first lesson.

⇨ You will achieve professional success in Poland – when you speak Polish, it is easier and faster to communicate with your workmates. A good contact with your peers is essential for effective work and a good atmosphere at the workplace. We know it! That's why we teach Polish with a focus on the practical and useful aspects of professional life.

Daily life in Warsaw will be easier for you. As we teach the language, we bring reality closer, with familiar and practical examples taken from daily life. Shopping? Ordering a taxi? Taking your child to the doctor? Yes, it is possible to do it in Polish!

Our offer:

individual course 30 x 60 min (30 hours) Ask for an estimate!
30 x 90 min (45 hours)
group course

(2 – 5 students)

30 x 60 min (30 hours)
30 x 90 min (45 hours)

* 5% discount

First lesson (60 min) for free!

The course price includes travel to the student's place.

The hour package is to be used within a 4-month period.