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Polish language teacher for homeschoolers

The Polish language teacher at the Polish Language Team provides support to homeschoolers and their parents, as well as to Polish families abroad.

Thanks to our ten-year experience teaching Polish at one of the most prestigious private primary schools in Warsaw, we guarantee a first-rate service as regards content and methodology.

Educating your child at home?

Do you have limited access to support from your Polish language teacher?

Regardless where you live (either in Poland or abroad), we are ready to help you!

We offer:

  • advice by e-mail or via Skype
  • revision of written work – correction and a descriptive assessment
  • proposals for subjects and types of composition, with a reminder of their main characteristics
  • individual and group lessons on the subject of your interest
  • Polish conversation - exercises to improve oral expression

With our help:

you will help your child in an effective way – we check the child's written work and send it back to you with a complete assessment and guidance for improvement,

you will save time and energy – you will gain time to take care of your child and won't have to spend it on written work,

you will acquire knowledge and abilities - we offer advice, answers to your doubts and we also help you to adapt your working method to the topics discussed,

Your child will feel more confident - in our assessment, we emphasize the good aspects of your child's essay and provide guidance for improvement. The assessment will make you both feel more in control of the learning process,

we will inspire you - our creative subject proposals will encourage your child to develop the art of writing and oral expression!

⇒ your child will enjoy creative and educational lessons - we organize lessons on every topic within the range of Polish linguistic education at primary school level.

How does it work?

There are as many needs and working models as there are families. We adapt our offer to you and your family.

Are you seeking one-time or long-term collaboration? Fill in the form or contact us by e-mail / Skype / Facebook.

Price list*:

review of written works package per family or child– 6 written compositions 200zł
one-time counselling 40zł
individual lesson 60min 100zł
group lesson 60min 60zł per person
advice for parents 60min 100zł
home teacherfor children of Polish diplomatsand children of the Polish community abroad 1 trimester - 3 months6 written compositions + 30 hours (30x60min)
assessment of written work, conversation via Skype - including exercises to improve oral expression and pronunciation,discussion of mandatory readings, as well as literaryand cultural topicsselection of language topics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary)advice for parents
Ask for an estimate!

*Please note that this price list is indicative only. All final prices are agreed individually depending on the scope of services.

Contact us! We want to meet you!

By getting to know you better, we will be able to offer you the service that best suits yours and your child needs.

We take care of every family, one to one